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PDS from Iris Cysts (1)

This 42 year-old woman had elevated intraocular pressures with evidence of pigment dispersion. Rather than having the typical slit-like defects in the pigment epithelium that one would see in pigment dispersion syndrome she had large globular areas of pigment epithelial loss and on ultrasound biomicroscopy was found to have cysts of the iris pigment epithelium pushing the pigment epithelium against the zonules. The patient is seen 6-years later at which time one of the cysts has grown large enough to reach into the pupil. You can see that she has undergone a trabeculectomy for intractably elevated intraocular pressures. The video was taken not long after her trabeculectomy, which explains the blood subconjuctivally inferiorly. This patient was reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology volume 113, pages 1574-1575, 1995.