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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Nanophthalmos - 2

This patient was first seen at the University of Iowa in 1980 at the age of 32 with narrow angles in both eyes. He underwent laser iridotomies at that time. In 1986 he developed cystoid macular edema in the left eye that persisted over several years. Standardized echography was performed in 1990 that showed actual eye lengths of 19.3 mm OD and 19.1 mm OS with lens thicknesses of 5.1 mm OD and 5.2 mm OS. He had marked thickening of the retinal choroidal layer. In 1991 he developed spontaneous choroidal effusions in the left eye for which he underwent four quadrant scleral windows. The cystoid macular edema in the left eye left him with chronically decreased vision in that eye. In 2007 he was referred with a nearly completely flat anterior chamber in the left eye. He underwent lensectomy vitrectomy on that eye with subsequent control of his intraocular pressure. Viewed here is the right eye which has 20/20 vision and an intraocular pressure of 15 mmHg but a very shallow anterior chamber and a lens that has grown in thickness from 5.1 mm in 1990 to 5.6 mm in 2008.