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Corneal Wedge

Introduction - Corneal Wedge

Corneal Wedge - Unpigmented Angle

Normal Angles with Corneal Wedge: This 64 year old has had ocular hypertension for 20 years. On examination she has an angle that was graded as D40f.

Corneal Wedge in Pigmented Angle 1

Corneal Wedge in Narrow Angle: 77 year-old woman with a history of acute angle closure. She had undergone laser iridotomies a month prior to this examination. Her pressure on the right eye remained elevated and her angle was closed on gonioscopy.

Corneal Wedge in Pigmented Angle 2

Corneal Wedge in Angle Closure: This 83-year old woman has a history of “normal tension glaucoma” but presented with extensive angle closure in the right eye. With the corneal wedge you’ll note that the angle is completely closed. The wedge comes to a point at Schwalbe’s line, which is where the iris inserts.

PDS Wedge