Are you having trouble viewing the videos on this website?

Google Chrome Browser Issue:   Are you seeing an error that says "'Error loading player. No playable sources found.''?  If so, you need to adjust your Chrome settings to allow flash:

Click on the little i inside the circle (just to the left of the URL in the browser).  It will pop up a drop down list.  Choose Flash and select "Always allow on this site". 


1) I don't see the video player or the links to the videos.

This appears to be an issue if you're using an old version of Firefox (under 3.0). Because of security problems in older versions of Firefox, I am not supporting these issues on versions below 3.0. I highly recommend you upgrade to version 3.0.7 or later. If you're still having problems seeing the player and/or links, you should upgrade your java. You can download the latest Java from HERE.

2) Videos buffer while viewing in Firefox.

If the videos are buffering while you're viewing them in Firefox, check your browser version and upgrade to the latest version.

3) I see a spinning circle in the video and the video doesn't play.

This website uses a Flash Media Server to stream the video content. The videos are being delivered to you via the RTMP protocol over port 1935. If this fails, it will try again over port 80 in an attempt to work around firewall settings. This is called HTTP tunneling. If are experiencing the spinning circle in the video player, try waiting 60-120 seconds before giving up. HTTP tunneling can take up to 2 minutes before a video will start to play.

4) Why do I have to watch videos via Port 80 (HTTP tunneling)?

There are two reasons this could be happening to you.

a) Your Internet Service Provider is blocking you from communicating with port 1935. You can run this test to find out if your network is being blocked from port 1935:
Macromedia Flash Port Tester

Your results will show RMTP Port 1935 Success or Failure. If you see failure, your ISP is blocking you.


b) The University of Iowa's firewall has blocked you from communicating with port 1935. The University of Iowa has put port blocks in place for certain countries. This was due to a large amount of unnecessary or harmful network traffic being generated from these particular countries. I have created a bandwidth & port test that you can use to determine if you are being blocked. Please follow this link to take the test: Bandwidth/Port Test

The results will show you what port you are connecting with. You should see: successfully connected using rtmp:1935

or: successfully connect using rtmpt:80

If you see the latter, then the University of Iowa is blocking you from port 1935, and you will experience a 1-3 minute wait time before the videos will start playing.

5) I am experience lag and choppiness while viewing the videos.

This could be caused by a high amount of network traffic going in and out of our media server. Another reason this could occur is due to low bandwidth (slow internet connection). If your computer is connected to the internet via a T1, your internet connection speed will be fast and you shouldn't be experiencing any lag while viewing the videos. If you are using a DSL or cable modem connection, your internet connection will be fairly fast, and you may experience very little lag while viewing the videos. If you are using a dial-up modem, you will most likely experience lag and choppiness while viewing the videos. You can test your connection speed by going to the following web site:


Example results of a T1 connection would be a download speed of 24260 kb/s and an upload speed of 12095 kb/s. Speeds will vary depending on network traffic and other similar factors.

If you have other problems that are not listed above, please use the Contact Me form found in the main menu.

I will make every effort to assist you with your video viewing problems.


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