Primary Congenital Glaucoma #1

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This 18 year-old man was first seen at age 4 months with unilateral buphthalmos and Haab striae. He had near total cupping in his left eye. The patient underwent a trabeculotomy at age 4 months. The video is at age 18. At this time he had an intraocular pressure on no medications of 14 mmHg and healthy optic nerve (C/D 0.25 vs. 0.1 OD).

What's New? (12-07-17)

I have replaced my Indentation video because of some new wonderful artwork that demonstrates the technique much more clearly than my prior version.



Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum

IowaGlaucomaCurriculumsThe Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum is aimed at residents who want an image-heavy introduction to glaucoma. The curriculum consists of 50 lectures that It break glaucoma into fifty bite-sized pieces averaging 14 minutes in length (range 4 to 37 minutes). In total the curriculum is just under 12 hours long.

It is highly visual with >900 images and >90 movie clips.

The address is: http://curriculum.iowaglaucoma.org/

You can also download this as an iBook from the iBook app for the Mac, iPad or iPhone. Search for "Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum" or “Alward.”


I hope that you find it useful.

Wallace L.M. Alward, MD.