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The Normal Angle

Lee Allen Drawings - Normal Angle

Normal Angle

Normal Pigmented Angle: Young woman without eye pathology. Nicely pigmented angle makes for an easy examination (D40f).

Normal Iris Process: Angle of a healthy 21 year-old woman with normal iris processes.

Iris Processes: This ophthalmology resident has normal iridocorneal angles with extensive iris processes.

Greater Circle of the Iris

Prominent Greater Circle of the Iris: 15 year-old male with ocular hypertension. Negative family history. His entire examination was normal other than the prominent greater circle of the iris. Please note that this is the most extreme example of angle vasculature that I have ever seen.

Posterior Embryotoxon

Prominent Greater Circle of the Iris - 2: This 22-year-old man was found to have a visible vessel in his iris on routine examination and was referred in for evaluation. His entire examination, including ultrasound of the iris, was normal. This was felt to be a normal prominent greater circle of the iris.

Normal Angle Blood Reflux: Normal, lightly pigmented angle. Blood refluxes into Schlemm’s canal with pressure on the Goldmann lens. Courtesy of: Howard Cohn, MD, American Hospital of Paris